Shame or Fame

The Iliad is really rad cuz it’s just a matrix of your own mind’s battle with shame and fame. A matrix as in the movie. I was recently reminded because by Jason Collins’ statement.  We are so sometimes so ashamed that we will retreat from the battlefield of life. Achilles does that in the Iliad. But then his nemesis Hektor kills his friend Patroclos. And that tragedy brings him out of hiding, as did the Boston tragedy for Jason Collins.

He decides that he will go out to fight in battle and kill Hector, despite knowing that, as his divine mother Thetis tells him, “Hector’s death means yours” (pg. 151, line 100). (Ref?)

Tragedy reminds us of our own death and we kill off our shameful self to be reborn as an honorable self. To live is to decide to live in shame or live in fame. But fame is a sacrifice of the shameful self, which we hope to live forever.



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