Power Proposition, Not Value Proposition

I never liked the term “Value” proposition because it is a term in the realm of “things” as opposed to the realm of “being.” While value of a thing is useful in a business proposal, ultimately it can be limiting as it does not address people and their tacit state of being. “Tacit knowledge” is a cornerstone of Ikujiro Nonaka’s model of entrepreneurship. The business canvas does a nice job of giving you a snapshot of the formal value proposition and the material reality of the things needed. However, it is a dangerous map because the map is not the territory. The territory is human being’s discourse and the canvas does not capture it. While keeping the value proposition and material reality of the business canvas, I propose adding a new dimension to the business canvas called a Power Game.

To review:

1) Formal proposal, value proposition

2) Material needs, key partners/customers, activities

3) Power game, prime the engine

4) Harness and capture power, hook

First it is a game and not a map because it the realm of being game’s are a better model than map. And it is more that you are dealing with strategy in a game rather than tactics in a map or canvas.

So in this game you are building a power tool (an engine?) to create leverage and exploit opportunities on the battlefield of business. First, you have to pick your game. What game are you playing? (I heard this from a VC, anybody know who?). Second, how do you keep score?

The basic engine is a power engine. Does this engine generate power? Power is work in time, which means in time is it able to generate value.


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