Marxist Enterpreneurship

Moishe Postone mashup from wikipedia:

He defines Marx as saying “dual character of the commodity category”.

The market handles distribution. Communism used planners for distribution.

“Social-mediational theory of value”

In non-capitalist societies, work is distributed by overt social relations.In capitalism work is distributed by covert social relations.

An individual acquires goods produced by others through the medium of undisguised social relations. In capitalism, goods are acquired through the medium of disguised social relations.

Work activities derive their meaning and are determined by personal relationships. Work activities derive their meaning from objective relationship to money.

Work activities are openly social, Work activities are closed social.

Work activites are qualitatively specific. Work activities are quantitatively specific.

Adequate critical theory must be completely immanent to its purpose. The criticism can not be taken from a point of view external to its object, but must appear in the mode of presentation itself.

The work, regardless of its specific content, is the producer of means to acquire the products of others. This feature of the work, which is specific to the social life in capitalism, is the basis of modern socialization, is called “abstract labor.”

Society is actually governed by the self-movement of created things themselves, and not by the subjective manipulation of the ruling classes.

The subjects are not men, but it is rather their objectified relationships that are at the heart of socialization under capitalism.

This is the world where abstract labour (which is not immaterial labor) becomes the social bond, social mediation that mediates itself, reducing actual work to a simple expression abstract labor.


Same as for the value:


invisibility: if they ignore you or are giving silent treatment

automation your role is determined by your title, you are a part

impersonal domination: Domination will appear as impersonal


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