Hsieh and Fried Recapitalizing Capital

In a recent HBR article I commented that 37Signals and Zappos recaptilize capital. http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/07/the_next_big_opportunity_for.html

What Hsieh and Fried do is use their profit to recapitalize capital. How so?

Moishe Postone:” the existence of an ongoing historical dynamic signifies that people aren’t real agents. If people were real agents, there wouldn’t be a dynamic. That you can plot an ongoing temporal pattern means that there are constraints on agency. It seems to me that by calling capital the Subject, Marx argues for the conditions of possibility that humans can become the subjects of their own history, but that’s with a small “s.” http://platypus1917.org/2008/03/01/marx-after-marxism-an-interview-with-moishe-postone/

So if you take profit as capital and use it to alter the conditions that cause agency, then you can ride the tiger of the capital.


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