Territory and Rules for Creating It

If you read the citation below, it talks about deterritorialization and reterritorialization. The territory in a project is the combined space of the creating. Rules for deterritorying need to be specified and for reterritorying as well.

Animal territories
are another fascination for Deleuze. Claiming a territory, he says, is where art began.
Staking it out is not just a matter of marking its boundaries, but also and foremost of
defining a series of postures, colors and songs that Deleuze associates with the main
determining characteristics of the arts: lines, colors, and refrain (ritournelle). This
leads Deleuze to say that marking a territory is, in fact, ―art in its pure state.‖Journal for Critical Animal Studies, Volume IX, Issue 1/2, 2011 (ISSN1948-352X)
Deleuze then uses the lexical of the territory (de- and re-territorialization) to link the
animal world to the work of writers and philosophers, all of whom create refrains as
they enter and leave their territories. These are translated into ―barbaric‖ words or
sounds which are a production of or a reaction to signs. According to Deleuze, these
strange words, sounds, or signs necessarily correspond to the affects of leaving the
territory (deterritorialization) and settling down elsewhere (reterritorialization).
Deleuze connects animal life to the writers or philosophers who must always be ―on
the lookout‖ (aux aguets), never resting, sleeping with one eye open.



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